About MyUniPath

MyUniPath is the first centralized cross regional admissions online platform for direct applications into Universities worldwide. Partnered with over 300+ globally ranked universities to provide students with a thorough array of options using a single application!

Our user-friendly multifunctional platform understands caters to the needs of students offering them the services and support required to make higher education accessible. We deliver all the necessary tools and information at the fingertips of the students, who can easily browse through various programs and apply with just a few clicks.

How We Work


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To apply to a University and a Program you are interested in , you’ll need to register on our website and complete your profile, you can then submit your application to your desired University.

If you are having trouble getting started, you can watch our tutorial video to get an idea.

Choosing a course that matches your skills and interests is key. We know that this process can be difficult and thus we are here to help you.

You can get in touch with our Advisory Team and book a Free session with one of our Advisors, they can help guide you.

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Different universities have their own scholarship processes. Some universities automatically assess your eligibility for a scholarship once you apply. However, other universities require a separate application in order to consider your application for a scholarship if you are eligible. This information will be listed under the universities/programs. If any information was missing, please feel free to contact our dedicated team.

Make sure you have completed your profile section have uploaded all the required material so that the University can take proper decisions.

We are sorry to hear that!

Please contact our Student Services Team on students@myunipath.com. We will contact the university on your behalf and get back to you.

Search for Universities from the Homepage, or go to the Universities list page, you can view the University of interest and learn more about it in details.

Alternatively, you can contact the University directly or contact our Student Services Team on students@myunipath.com. for any missing information.

It's best to apply early in order to make sure you receive your offer letter in time and are able to make the travel arrangements if necessary.

Check the application deadlines listed under each program and make sure you submit your application prior to that date.

An Undergraduate degree is usually a degree pursued by Highschool students and falls under either a Bachelor's, Diploma, or Certificate program.

A Postgraduate degree is a degree pursued by students after completing a Bachelor's degree and falls under Postgraduate Diploma, Masters, or Ph.D. programs.

In case this ever happens, please feel to contact us and our dedicated team will ensure that you get your response.

Yes, you can open a new Application Package which will allow you to apply to 5 more programs in any University/Institution on the platform.

Postgraduate Programs are more specialized, as they offer in-depth education about the field you are interested in. This can benefit you in many aspects of your future career.

Entry requirements are different for every University/Institution, it's certain criteria you need for your Application. You can find that information inside every program page, and if you are unsure you meet the University/Institution criteria, it is best to contact them directly through the Direct Messaging option inside the University or Program page.

If you are unable to log in to your account, you can rest your password by going to the login page and clicking on the forgot my password link.

LINK to password reset. Forget password

Yes. All the information is provided on the platform including program mode (Full-Time, Part-time & Online Mode).

The process is the same as Undergraduate programs, choose your desired programs complete your profile and submit your application. While the process is the same, the requirements are very different. Feel free to contact our team for guidance.