Studying Online

On 2020-09-22


As technology began to evolve, we have  noticed the emergence of courses offered online. Whether it be packages or universities offering it for free, with the exception of paying for the degree, online based learning has taken over during the years. The difference between enforced online learning and learning online by choice and interest is just that - interest. When the pandemic hit, both instructors and students were tested on their capabilities of retaining information through a screen. Regardless of assignments and studying for exams being conducted on screen, everyone being forced to stare at the screen for countless of hours to understand a topic has somehow baffled us all.      

To begin with, interaction is an imperative aspect. Being able to sit amongst students and have the back and forth dialogue with an instructor at often times helps explain different perspectives and allows for the opportunity for better understanding. As possible as this may be online, with the short span that some of us have, the duration of classes cut back, the amount of people using the university site or blackboard, students have to continuously move on to the next concept in order to follow with the instructor.      

Furthermore, the progression of the new systematic educational pattern has lead to finding different ways to alternate between the habitual methods that everyone was used to inhabit and the news ways that has been pushed through within several months. Picking up a habit unintentionally and unwillingly is extremely difficult than picking up a habit that has been planned. But then again, living in a fast pace digital domain transcends the quick learning notion which will support students to reside to new educational dynamics. Allocating diverse methods and proposing a broad spectrum of platforms that assist the learning path will also help enhance and ease the whole experience in respective, of course, to new students who are mainly starting to their education within the bachelor’s degree field.      

In conclusion, as much as students have had a perception of the online education within high school, it, of course, different when it comes to higher education like university. Everything is more practical which is difficult when it comes to knowing the skills of presenting in front of a crowd physical or even, the most important of all, having the concentration to be attentive within a different atmosphere. We all know that changing the environment within our surroundings while trying to concentrate on educational tasks benefits a lot on the way the human brains perceives the information that is being studied. In order to reside the new program of studying within the place you occupy living daily life, it has been believed that new methods of online studying is best taught with patience and organized tactics.