Apply for Universities in Turkey


Are you looking for the ideal reason why you should apply to universities in Turkey? Well, there are innumerable reasons. In recent years, Turkey has emerged as one of the most popular destinations for students to dream of their bright future. Today, hundreds of students across the world relocate to Turkey to turn their dreams into reality, becoming a part of the top and well-renowned new and old Turkish universities like Acibadem University, Kadir Has University, and Istanbul Aydin University, (are located in Istanbul, a city that connects the two continents of Asia and Europe), etc. 

Although Turkey, especially its capital Istanbul, gives many reasons to stay and apply to universities there, we also bring you some fascinating points that will add to your reason why checklist. There’s so much to explore about this country that will connect you more and won’t let you leave this place. 

Do you want to know what they are? Let’s delve into the reasons why one should apply to universities in Turkey. Take a look-

  1. Full of Higher Education Opportunities

Yes, yes, yes. Turkey is considered the hub of higher education opportunities and this can be concluded with several facts. 

Do you know Turkey is the second country in the world with access to higher education with a schooling rate of 94.2 percent? Isn’t this interesting? Not only this, but the university certificate or diploma awarded in any Turkish university is recognized in all European countries, which also gives one more ideal reason to students worldwide to apply to such universities. Universities in Turkey also offer a myriad of course options for students. Because all such educational institutions are well equipped with good instructors and also engaged with the European higher education standard, this is the reason why higher education in this country is considered of high quality. 

  1. University And Program Diversity

With 207 universities (including government and private-owned), Turkey becomes the best country to choose for higher studies. The number of students studying in the country’s universities is around 8 million and till the figure is increasing consistently. You will be surprised to know, Turkey is also the first country with the most students in European Higher Education Area. 

At these 207 universities, there are more than 60,000 programs. In addition to this, Turkey is also counted on one of the most successful countries that participate in exchange programs under Erasmus+ to support the higher education of students and their mobility. 

  1. Student Friendly

The next perfect reason to apply to Turkish universities is its student-friendly environment. Because every city features at least one university, hence, there are a number of social clubs in the city, and several cultural activities or events held at every university in order to bring international students together. Talking about the cafes, libraries, and restaurants, they are the center point for students where students can socialize and hang out after a big busy day. It is undoubtedly a welcoming place for foreign students. When Turkey is giving you so many reasons to choose for university, what’s stopping you? 

  1. Turkey is a bridge between Asia and Europe

Particularly, Istanbul is the city that acts as a bridge between Europe and Asia. So, if you are looking for a great place to get started with your higher studies, Turkey is a great deal as compared to the US, UK, or other European countries which are thousands and thousands of miles away from you. Besides this, Turkey embraces the common characteristics of the East and West, so there’s a lot to explore. 

  1. Modern Technological Campuses  

Turkish universities are well-equipped with modern technologies to give students a better and convenient life in campus. This shows that Turkey does not only focus on achieving big university figures but a quality campus life is also a major concern for them. Therefore, universities make sure students receive the best experience at their campus. 

  1. Turkish Learning Opportunities

Turkish universities give you a chance to dive into a pool of Turkish learning opportunities. Many programs in Turkish universities are in English. Besides this,  students can also learn Turkish here, which is considered the 5th most popular and spoken language in the world. If you apply to a university in Turkey, then you will have several Turkish courses to learn this new language. In this way, you can delve into Turkish culture more easily and make new friends with different cultures. Isn’t this a good reason to apply to Turkish universities? 

  1. Lots of Work Opportunities

The doors for work opportunities are always open for international students, but at the same time, it is also important to obtain a work permit. The noteworthy point is that Turkey never permits international students to work while they study. But during breaks, there are some institutions that give internship opportunities to students. 

Turkey is a country that never disappoints you in any case, especially when considering it an ideal option for higher studies. After obtaining the work permit from the country's Ministry of Labor, students can get jobs and avail different work opportunities. If you have all the necessary documents, including your work permit (issues for a one-year duration but can be extended for up to three years) and also a certificate of study, you can do a job in Turkey easily. 

  1. Easy Living Conditions 

When it comes to living costs, Turkey is no doubt affordable as compared to other countries. This place offers a lot for foreign students, meeting their needs providing affordable accommodation, entertainment, food, and drinks. This low living cost attracts the student most to choose Turkey for studying abroad. In addition to this, students are also provided with different housing choices, including dormitories within or near the university campuses, all at reasonable prices. Coming to the transportation cost, it is also available for students at a discounted price. 

As we have discussed earlier that Turkey lies in middle Asia and Europe continent; therefore, this is also considered an easy-to-reach country. Students can explore the number of attraction spots in Turkey by choosing any of the ways. When a student is provided with cheap transportation, food, and entertainment facilities, they will enjoy the environment more. 

Wrapping Things Up


Studying abroad can be challenging, but if you wisely take your step with full preparation, you can lead your higher studies journey with no issues. In Turkey, you will get access to more and more exciting student life with fewer worries. Although there are endless reasons why it is good to apply to universities in Turkey for international students, we have covered some of the essential points that will excite you to take admission in the Turkish universities. All the above-listed points will give you a new vision to watch the Turkish campus life. So, what are you waiting for? Gain more knowledge and take your future to the right path, applying to the world-class universities of Turkey. This country will surely be a great place for international students to study all around. 

iyi sanslar! Unable to understand these words? It’s written in Turkish. Hey! It means, “Best of Luck!”