5 Tips for Balancing Work and University Studies

Looking to balance between work and study? Here are 5 tips from employed students!

It’s very common currently to have a part-time or even a full-time job and be a university student. It is important to find the perfect balance between hustling, yet making time for your studies to excel in your assignments and exams. We are offering you 5 tips to balance between work and university life and studies by fellow employed students! 

Tip 1. Employee-Manager Relationship:  

Regardless of your work field, whether it’s in your field of study or not, it’s important to gain your managers' support. It’s vital to keep your manager updated about your university responsibilities to gain the flexibility required for assessments and studying. If your manager is not understanding, maybe it is time to explore other job opportunities! 

Tip 2. Study Plan:   

When you’re reviewing your course semester plan, create your own study plan. Once you receive your work schedule, you will know when to block out some time solely for the purpose of studying. Starting off with good habits begins by setting up a schedule that mostly caters to your studies, work, and some time to disconnect. Pro tip: use visual planners to avoid any clashes between work and studies.   

Tip 3. ME time:   

When things become hectic, it is difficult to set aside some time to simply take a break. Switching off so that you’re energized when you return to your studies greatly impacts the way you work and study…. positively. It could be simple activities like going for a walk, meeting some friends, or watching a movie, in order to relax and avoid burning out. If you feel guilty about taking time off, remember your performance is optimized when you are relaxed.  


Tip 4. Know your limits:   

It’s important to know how much workload you can carry on. It may be difficult to manage both university and work, which is important to know when you should ask for time off from your manager. There is no shame in backing down when you are overwhelmed. If you want to maintain the quality of your work, you need to make sure you are not burned out.  


Tip 5. Avoid Procrastination:    

No matter how much time you have set aside for studying, it doesn’t necessarily mean you will use it for university work. Sometimes we leave things till the last minute and we procrastinate due to how we’re feeling. Some healthy tips to avoid procrastination are, silencing your phone when studying, managing your work and university studies beforehand, and planning out your own deadlines beforehand