Aviation field, what is it?

  • Malak Saadi
  • Arwa Alzahrani
Aviation field, what is it?



The fondest memory any student had while growing up was questioning how an object could hold speed through the sky. One thing we can all relate to is the want to gain superpowers to fly. Some held onto that idea and allowed it to be something that helped influence their career choice, which is why they ventured into Aviation. Aviation is the study of aircraft, designing and developing various aircraft, as well as handling production, operations and FLYING!   

Why you should major in Aviation   

Around 11.3 million people work in the aviation industry (2022). Many students decide to pursue a career within the aviation field for various reasons, and if we look closely at why people are currently choosing the majors they’re interested in, aviation is highly in demand. The aviation field allows students to dissect more than one aircraft in the sense that the courses deal with flying helicopters, airplanes, gliders and more. This allows for a knowledge spurt within the students since there are various aircraft, functions and precautions needed to be taken before being allowed to fly an aircraft.   


Career options  

Aside from having the option of soaring through the sky, students have the opportunity to be handed more than one career option, ranging from aircraft maintenance to a ginger, pilot, production, and maintenance manager, software engineer, etc.  


To move past the career options, there are other gains to studying within this field if you actually intend to pursue it. One reason is that Aviation is financially rewarding. The more experienced, the more opportunity to earn an excellent salary. As with everything, MyUniPath aims to shine a light on the mental aspect of things; this is why Aviation holds a significant part in building confidence and a sense of accomplishment. A student taking their first solo flight might be the most satisfying and confidence-building experience. Challenges may arise with the demand for critical thinking and on-the-spot decision-making, and it’s up to the pilot to know how to resolve them.