Creative Career Paths in 2022


In your leisure time, do you love expressing your creativity and innovating? 

Do your friends frequently compliment you on your ability to think creatively? 

Do you seek to work in a less organized setting where you can think outside the box? 

If you answered yes to all of the above questions, your Creative skills are more prominent than your Analytical skills. This isn't to say you're not a good analytical thinker. However, if you were given a choice between two assignments, you would choose the one that requires creative talents over the one that requires analytical skills. 

With new fields blooming and the markets growing more competitive, the capacity to think and act creatively is becoming an increasingly important asset. 

As the world started to recognize the potential in nurturing creativity and innovation, students all over the world have been choosing less traditional, more creative career options. 

Below are 4 career choices that you can pursue as a highly creative individual.

1. Filmmaking

In 2022, global box office income is predicted to increase to over $70 million! With such impressive numbers, a career as a filmmaker has never been more promising! 

Filmmaking is an art of expression and visual creativity - if you're searching for a profession that incorporates fun, art, and creativity, then this is the field for you!

After you finish your filmmaking school, a plethora of employment options opens up for you. You can work as a playwright, editor, cinematographer, director, producer, production designer, set designer, and a variety of other positions.

2. Culinary Arts

Working in the culinary arts is the ultimate career path if you have had a lifelong passion for food. If you enjoy making wonderful dishes every day and experimenting with flavour combinations while watching the joy on peoples' faces, then this career is for you!

To put it another way, enrolling in a culinary program has a lot of advantages. Not only will you be able to master a variety of culinary methods, but you'll also be ready to work for a variety of companies. With culinary experience, you can pursue your dreams of working as a private chef or managing a kitchen.

There are various sub-career options for Culinary majors, including- but not limited to-  Sous chef, line cook, prep cook, pastry chef, fish chef, vegetable chef, or meat chef. However, culinary arts also open doors in business, management, and more!

3. Art Therapy

Art therapy encourages people to explore and use artistic activities to analyze and express their feelings. These creative activities assist patients in better understanding and managing their emotions, as well as improving communication and reducing anxiety. 

Art therapists utilize a combination of psychological and art skills to help clients of all ages better express themselves. As our generation becomes more self-aware, the need for art therapists is skyrocketing. 

If you are passionate about creativity, self-expression, and mental health, then you are a perfect fit for this career! This career is a perfect blend between science and art. 

4. Musical Theatre 

If you love to act, dance, sing, and perform, continue reading!

Musical theatre is all about delivering your character's tale and convincing people that you are the character you're portraying. This career will help you become a better communicator as you learn to embody feelings, expressions, and gestures. It will also sharpen your instincts and make you an expert on human feelings, characters, and emotional responses.

Do not be afraid to embark on one of the most exciting and interesting journeys of all time. If this sounds exciting to you, then you know where to start!