Economic Field, Definition and Job Opportunities

  • Malak Saadi
  • Arwa Alzahrani
Economic Field, Definition and Job Opportunities.


When we look at the definition of Economics, it is at the core the study of people. It helps to explain what truly drives a human to behave in the way they do, as well as the reactions one faces with difficulties and/or successes. The study of Economics is a field that helps combine Politics, Sociology, Psychology and History.   


Job Opportunities 

When we look at the Economics Degree, we are able to see the application of mathematical, statistical and economic principles within the business, finance and public fields. The concepts within Economics can be applied to understand the logic of complicated data and the relation to each other within the broader context.  


What would you develop as a student studying Economics?  

Well, communication skills help in presenting ideas in a structured framework that is supported by resources and evidence using complex data. Numeracy, which handles complex data and techniques of mathematics and statistics, as well as problem-solving skills and analytical skills.   


As many people have strong suits, those who choose to apply to economics should have a good understanding and an interest within the mathematical and statistical field. A student should be interested in the world surrounding them, from history to politics, to international affairs, as well as consumer behaviour. All these help in the making of a prospective Economics graduate.