Higher Education: Does it Have to be Expensive?

  • Malak Saadi
  • Arwa Alzahrani
Higher Education: Does it Have to be Expensive?


When we look at the past, we can note that college tuition was far more affordable than today. With the growing demand, rising financial aid, lower state funding, Higher Education has exponentially grown. With all the mentioned, we need to understand where all this money is going, and we are here to help you comprehend.   


Why is University prices are increasing? 

The Administrative Salaries are included in routine educational operations, such as paying staff and faculty. An institution cannot be run, unless the foundation is set with nothing but top-tier hires. With faculty members ranging from cleaning staff, administrative staff, Professors having to manage their practice as well as teach, Administrative Salaries have increased.   


Public Demand! With the way the world is today, schools are hosting more students. The public continues to demand Higher Education, which results in continuous expansion. There is an evident pressure placed on students to go to college. With more students comes more competition between students and universities taking in applications. Similar to a business agreement, universities use a tactic to grasp the students' attention by offering more perks, vying for higher spots in rankings and more.   


Does it Have to be Expensive? 

With lower public funding comes higher tuition rates. As the education rates continue to rise, the acceptance of the government to fund higher education has become disrupted. Strategies have started to shift with the apparent change in educational infrastructure. As mentioned, the education sector has grown into an increasingly competitive business sector offering marketing, top-flight professors, and competitive amenities. You no longer pay to study. You pay for the professor and his achievements and the name of the university that hosts you.  


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