How to Study on a Budget

  • Malak Saadi
  • Arwa Alzahrani
How to Study on a Budget

No doubt going to university may strain your finances, especially with students on a tight budget. With the financial situations defined by the lifestyle, however, we have a great range of tips on managing your budget!   


Seek Support 

When you start venturing into your higher education, it is essential to note that universities offer financial aid. Speaking to your welfare office or officer will help provide short-term solutions and assess how to work with students to bring finances under control. Counsellors are also available on campus to listen and support, no matter how complex a student's problem.   


Plan Ahead 

Looking into university fees and deadlines, it is essential to note whether or not you will be able to complete a course to drop it before the census date or add and drop the due date. Be sure to sort out enrollment before paying for a course that no longer exists in your term schedule. Planning finances also come into play. Universities offer a calculator on student portals to help assess the total pay per semester.   


University Resources  

To assist students, some universities offer payment plans in the form of installations per semester to lessen the load. Students can apply for scholarships and renew based on the requirements provided by the universities. Furthermore, universities may work with some restaurants or cafes or offer students discounts at allocated places and electronic places! All in the way to ensure a student's budget remains in check while seeking higher education!