How to Study Smarter

Tips to study smarter, remember better, and earn higher grades. Improve you study abilities!

We’ve all been in a situation where we thought we were incapable of retaining information. Due to the changes COVID-19 brought upon us, our methods of studying and our ability to retain information have been affected. Therefore, we are offering you tips to study smarter and not harder. These tips will help you study better and score higher on your tests, quizes, and exams. Earn grades by stepping up your studying game and improving your study habits! 

  1. Create a Study Guide:  

A great way to manage your studies is to create a guide.  If it’s technical classes, work the problems and explain the steps and mechanism behind them. This helps you analyze and breakdown information rather than copying and pasting. For non-technical classes, figure out the big ideas and themes so you can explain, contrast, and re-evaluate them. Study in terms of question, evidence, and conclusion: What is the question posed by the instructor/author? What is the evidence that they present? What is the conclusion? 

  1. Become a Teacher:   

Summarize and explain information out loud in your own words as if you’re the instructor. Ask the questions likely to be asked and write them down. Answer based on the information presented to you through the lectures or specified articles. There you have it, your own quiz! If you find it difficult to brainstorm on your own, join a study group and become their teacher.   

  1. Examples based on Experiences:   

It’s the easiest to derive examples based on experience. Once relating to our personal experiences, it’s simpler to remember different concepts and ideas relating to your studies. Those could become a symbol that represents concepts. Associating information you need to memorize with past experiences and memories will make it easier to retain information when needed.  

  1. Concept Map:   

Create a concept map or mind map diagram. The topic can be the center of the page and concepts may be placed around it. This helps you become more mindful in order to retain it far better.  

In addition, creating a visual map can help ground you and make you more aware of the words you’re writing thus increasing the efficiency of your studying.