How to Write a Good Essay

  • Malak Saadi
  • Lojaen Teskyeh
Tips for good essays and assignments. Get higher grades!

During high school and even through your university period, you will most definitely be assigned a fair share of essays. As the university seems to be more demanding regarding word count and format, we are offering some tips to make the process of writing a good essay with you cultivate something on your own.   


Tip 1. Start Early:   

Putting off your essays seems to always appeal to students believing that there is sufficient time. This is a result leads to anxious hours of intense typing and panicking. By starting early, you will avoid all the stress, and have time to not only research, but read and write far better.  


Tip 2. Structure of the Essay:   

It’s important that you structure your work beforehand. Figure out what the essay question is asking you to do. Write a general outline revolving around the topic. What’s most important is understanding what is being asked by identifying keywords in the question, such as analyzing or discussing.   


The structure of the essay is usually: Introduction which provides an overview of what your essay is going to be about containing your thesis statement and a concise summary of your arguments backing your answer to the essay question, following body which discusses the essay question, development of your argument by showing supporting information and knowledge about the topic, evidence, sources, and quotes. Usually, a body paragraph is broken into more than one paragraph containing separate sections answering each part of the question. And last, but not least, the conclusion. to wrap everything up. It involves re-stating and confirming your answer/thesis statement, summarizing the main points of your argument, and recommendations, future directions, or implications.   

There you have it! You’ve structured your essay; all you’ve must do now is write! Keep in mind the word count provided, font, and any notes that your professor mentions in the guidelines.