Make Your Dorm Feel Like Home

Feeling homesick? Easy and affordable DIY Ideas to make your dorm or new apartment feel like home!

It’s hard enough making the first steps into venturing out into a new adventure and feeling homesick is a recurrent thing. Therefore, how can we ensure to minimize the risks? Creating a safe environment that we can fall back into after a hard day is essential. Thus, we’re offering you 4 easy and affordable DIY ideas to make your dorm feel like home and bring you a sense of comfort.     

Idea 1. Hang a Bulleting Board:    

Materials Needed:    

  • Bulletin Board    

  • Pins    

  • Photographs of Choice    

  • Adhesive Wall Hook    

It’s nice to be surrounded by something that reminds us of the good times and our loved ones. Therefore, a simple and inexpensive way to bring a bit of home to your dorm room is creating a bulletin board. Adding snippets of home allow you to sneak a glance and ease the feelings of homesickness while abroad.    


Idea2. Make Comfort Homemade Meals:    

Materials Needed:    

  • Scrapbook 

  • Family recipes 

  • Kitchen supplies 

  • Groceries  


The single biggest thing a student misses when they are away is the meals that hold a big warmth back home. The Comfort meals after a hard day. While studying abroad, it might be hard to have a homecooked meal prepared by one of your parents. Some may even have pre-made foods stored away in freezers. But for those who do not have that luxury, creating a fun scrapbook with family recipes can motivate you to make those meals for yourself. Take the recipes from your parents and attempt to get them as accurate as to how they made them. If you are new to cooking, start with simpler recipes and work your way into more complex dishes. This could also be a therapeutic way to deal with a stressful day…cooking!    


Idea 3. Match the Room to Your Personality:    

Materials Needed:    

  • Folding Cushions Chair   

  • Vinyl Padded Folding Chair    

  • Tapestries    

  • Comforters    

  • Lighting    

  • Other decorative material  

One of the wonderful things about living at home is having a place catered to your needs and that portrays who you are. It could be adding wall tapestries, paintings, folding chairs, which would also help when you have loved ones over. It could be your own way of creating a friendly environment for you and your friends. Many will overlook this step but investing time and energy to make your room feel like home will pay off. Trust us on this one! 


Idea 4. Become a Plant Parent:    

Materials Needed:    

  • Snake Plant    

  • Heart Leaf Philodendron    

  • English Ivy    

  • Golden Pothos    

  • Spider Plant  

  • Cute pots 


Studies have shown that greenery is therapeutic to the individual. Aside from the therapeutic aspect, it will be a good addition to the room’s décor. Plants are known to reduce stress levels and naturally filter air pollutants. The plants listed above are a few of the lowest-maintenance options to have in your dorm room. What are you waiting for? Become a plant parent!