Study Timetable to Score Better In School

  • Malak Saadi
  • Arwa Awdh
Steps to manage time and schoolwork effectively for higher grades.

How to make the perfect study timetable and why does it matter? A study timetable is a structured schedule that allows you to plan out your study times, classes as well as necessities in life. Through structuring a timetable, you will be able to visualize what you’ve got in your schedule for the day and across the week, as well as prepare for any upcoming exams or assessments.   

  • Preparing a study timetable will allow you to:   

  • Establish an effective study routine   

  • Prepare your study sessions/group sessions   

  • Set achievable study goals   

  • Be responsible for your deadline   

  • Maintain a work-life balance   

  • Complete your assignments on time   

  • Reduce stress and last-minute panic   

Steps to making the perfect study timetable:    

Step 1. Check your current schedule:    

While assessing your current schedule you should:   

Determine your class hours, how many hours you will dedicate to studying. Assess how many hours you will dedicate to entertainment, whether it be for sports or any social commitments.   

Step 2. Set your academic goal:   

This will help draw your attention to the effort required of you and the goals you set for yourself to achieve. Write down specific, measurable goals. Complete these goals by committing to the number of hours you will dedicate to studying to achieve that goal.   

Step 3. List deadlines and commitments:   

Before fulfilling your study timetable, write the list of deadlines and social events that you have coming up. Listing helps you schedule your study at the most effective time and help you to maintain your other commitments.   

Step 4. Prioritize:   

Use a rating scale of 1-5, where 1 is unimportant and 5 is very important. This helps you acknowledge what needs the most attention. Next to each rating, indicate the deadline. The main aim is to be realistic about what you can handle and be aware of where your strong suits lay.   

With the mentioned, you can begin your timetable. Place all your class, social commitments, and deadlines. Don’t feel overwhelmed when you notice that your schedule or timetable is full. The solution is to refer to your priority list to see if there is anything you can cut out to make room for the required time to study. Keep your academic goal front of mind. Knowing that your commitment to study will help you to achieve your goal.