What is Business Field? Why should you major in it?

  • Malak Saadi
  • Arwa Alzahrani
What is Business Field? Why should you major in it?

What is Business? 

As the world becomes more fast-paced, and the moment one thing becomes popular, another thing strives farther and takes its place. This is true based on Social Media, coffee shops, restaurants and start-up businesses. Currently, we live in the age of cryptocurrency, which uses digital currencies to give money..well, a run for its money. Business is a trade or profession that involves the sale of goods and services. It could involve commercial or industrial establishment at a firm or factory.   

Why should you major in Business?  

There are many reasons why someone would consider a future in Business. The first is developing crucial communication skills. Working alongside students from around the world offers a variety of challenging projects. The students' views and experiences will differ, maybe even somewhat cause a clash. This challenging aspect allows analysis of cases, creates a diplomatic response to different opinions, and helps for a way to master the art of stating a point.   

The second reason is knowing the audience. When students enter the business major, they are asked to take a marketing course. Marketing 101 states that one should know their audience. This allows the opportunity to run campaigns with supporters, creating standing-out ideas while appealing creatively.   

Leaving a mark on the world falls into the third reason. Students go into the business world launching their dreams. Being one's own boss has so many perks, but becoming a successful entrepreneur demands creativity, innovation, and a strong execution strategy.   


Project Management falls underneath the business field. Project management offers students and job seekers the opportunity to work within the music industry, military, or not-for-profit sector. A skill for every industry, project management helps you plan, execute, and reap the benefits.   

According to fast facts offered by the National Center for Education Statistics, the greatest number of degrees were offered in the business field (2021). Due to its extensive and wide range of job opportunities, the business field remains to be high in demand and always sought after with students heading into university.