Bachelor of Law

College of Law American University in the Emirates in Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Degree Bachelors
Mode Full-Time
Duration 4 years
Fees (Per year) 48,000 AED
  • Semester start
  • Application deadline

Program Overview

The College of Law program aims to achieve the following:

  • Establishing principles and rules that contribute to activating the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms, and working to raise the status of the individual.
  • Preparing distinguished legal cadres who are able to keep pace with legal developments.
  • Providing distinguished legal research to contribute to understanding and solving issues that help in serving society.
  • Linguistically raising the student’s level and expanding his perceptions of the concepts and terminology of the Arabic language, and preparing it through developing and developing his method of discussion and dialogue management, and how to use this in the service of legal cases.
  • To develop scientific research in various fields of law in line with the legal rules in the United Arab Emirates by supporting scientific research.
  • Filling the local and regional market needs of experts and specialists in various different fields of law.

Program output

  • Through his studies of the College of Law program, the student acquires the following scientific outputs:
  • Has knowledge of the fundamentals and theories of law with its various branches and applications.
  • Has knowledge of the foundations of the legal and judicial system in the United Arab Emirates.
  • Has knowledge of scientific research methods in the legal field to solve emerging problems.
  • Has the skills of interpreting and analyzing legal rules and judicial rulings in accordance with scientific principles.
  • Has legal drafting and oral pleading skills.
  • Has the skills to use information and communication technology to analyze legal problems.
  • Be able to express personal opinion clearly and take responsibility for the work assigned to him.
  • Shall be able to work independently regularly, taking into account the ethics and ethics of the profession.

School System

The College of Law follows the credit-hour system that determines the number of study hours that must be completed and succeeded according to the level determined by the university to obtain a bachelor's degree.

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