Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Management

College of Computer Information Technology American University in the Emirates in Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Degree Bachelors
Mode Full-Time
Duration 4 years
Fees (Per year) 44,000 AED
  • Semester start
  • Application deadline

Program Overview

Create Resources Through Priorities and Needs

The College of Computer Information Technology (CCIT) offers a specialized program in the field of Information Technology Management. The program has been designed by information technology professionals to to assist students in building their career in the IT industry. The curriculum focuses on problem-solving skills and techniques required to deliver computer-based solutions to real-world scenarios. Students develop and communicate technological solutions to different industrial issues, manage systems operations, improve, and simplify the technology transfer into industries and governments. Students learn to implement ethical judgments and critical thinking to measure, and evaluate the impact of information technology on modern social, political, and economic issues.

  • Demonstrate IT and Management concepts, techniques, skills, and tools.
  • Identify professional, security, ethical and social issues in IT and Management processes.
  • Effectively communicate knowledge and concepts in teams to achieve desirable goals.
  • Design computer programs or processes to meet business needs.
  • Contribute to professional knowledge and field of practice of information technology


The Information Technology Management program mission is to equip students with Information Technology skills and Management concepts. The program aims at developing students’ applied research skills, preparing them for long life learning and enabling them to contribute to the Information technology field.

Program Goals

  • Seek professional development and postgraduate degrees in the fields of Information technology and Management.
  • Work in teams and demonstrate effective communication and collaborative research skills.
  • Demonstrate knowledge and skills in the fields of Information Technology and Management.
  • Show ethical, professional and social qualities.
  • Be an effective member of the community and make positive contributions to the society.

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