Course Overview What motivates people to behave the way they do? What constitutes a criminal? Why do people commit crimes? This inter-disciplinary criminology and psychology degree covers a range of fascinating and thought-provoking modules, such as crime and society, the criminal justice system and the inequalities of the modern world. Perfect for students who want to explore both discipline areas, this course is the ideal stepping stone to your future career goals. While studying your criminology and psychology degree, you’ll aim to understand the world of social values and behaviours, building a solid foundation in both disciplines. This degree allows students to go on a real journey - from understanding the theories behind committing a crime and how the crime is treated in the legal system. If you’re passionate about debating and discussing the views of society and criminal influences, then you’re in the right place. What can a criminology and psychology degree do for me? This degree gives students a voice. The aim of studying criminology with psychology is to gain a solid understanding of two well-established fields. Both of which are set out to recognise social values, the criminal justice system and human behaviours. While studying, you will: Develop your knowledge of criminological theory and psychological studies Acquire a solid grounding in criminological thinking and principles Adopt an enquiring and critical appreciation of criminology and psychology Develop an appreciation of the national and international contexts of criminology Become an analytical social scientist who can handle both criminological and psychological issues of the modern world Reflect on what works and what doesn’t in the justice and legal system Apply your knowledge and experience to real-life scenarios What can I do after Arden University? Completing a criminology and psychology course can open up a world of opportunity - both in the specific fields of criminology and psychology, but also further afield into other industries you might not have even considered! With that in mind, a few career options for you could include: Human Resources Counselling Teaching Research Government Community Safety Crime Prevention & Policing Probation Legal & Prison Systems

5,500 USD/year

The Bachelor of Arts in Behavioral Science is designed to provide students with a broad systematic understanding of human behavior, and the biological, psychological, cultural, political and social factors that influence such behavior. The program emphasizes the mastery of key behavioral science concepts; exposure to significant behavioral science theories drawn from psychology, sociology, anthropology and political science; the development and utilization of rigorous investigation, observation and research skills common to the behavioral sciences; and the ability to integrate knowledge across the behavioral sciences. The program provides practical knowledge and skills with enduring career applicability.

9,504 USD/year

The Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering with Honours kindles the knowledge of the students in the field of mechanical and manufacturing. Mechanical Engineers play an important role in the future development of a sustainable environment. Engineers have high skill sets of logical thinking and critical analysis, enabling them to think and react professionally and are ready for any future challenges. The Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering with Honours is a 4-year programme, designed in consultation with a panel of experts and has been approved by the Engineering Accreditation Council Malaysia (EAC) and Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA). Upon completion of Semester 1 to Semester 6, the student will proceed to the industrial training in end of semester 6. At the end of the training the students are required to submit a report while the industries are required to evaluate and report on the students’ job performance. The industrial training is necessary to meet the requirements of the accreditation by Engineering Accreditation Council of the Board of Engineer Malaysia. Students are exposed to real work environment experience gain knowledge in writing report in technical works/projects. This programme not only prepares students with advanced theoretical and practical skills but also exposes them to plan and manage a project strategically. In the final year, this programme offers six (6) elective subjects to students. Electives modules provide the necessary industry application technological skills which very useful for employment upon graduation. There is further development of the capability to apply relevant engineering skills with strong critical thinking, analysis and teamwork. The Thesis 1 in this programme will enable students to take on R&D with commercialization. The Thesis 2 also develops the academic and practical aspects of your chosen area of study and reinforces your independent learning skills. There is where you will demonstrate higher level; critical thinking analysis and solutions development skills which will enhance your employability.

7,667 USD/year

The Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry provides world class academic excellence across the chemical society by engaging students with faculty that will strive for the finest quality of service to provide cutting edge research. The program prepares the next generation of critical thinkers, scientists, and industry leaders. Students can pursue graduate work in chemistry or biochemistry; teaching positions in chemistry in secondary schools; employment with industry or government; entry into professional schools such as medicine or dentistry; or entry into law school with a view toward specialization in patent or environmental law. The department is certified by the American Chemical Society (ACS).

9,504 USD/year

For Students with Advanced Level or International Baccalaureate credentials. The five-year medical degree program at St. George’s University, the premier Caribbean medical school, is designed specifically for students with Advanced Level or International Baccalaureate credentials who have a desire to become a doctor. Students build on an existing academic background in science with entry-level medical degree coursework in anatomy, physiology, and other foundational sciences. The beginning medical degree coursework will set our five-year students up for success in the basic science courses and clinical sciences phases of the MD degree program in SGU’s medical school.

36,732 USD/year

Aeronautical and aerospace engineering is among the most challenging engineering disciplines, integrating mathematics, physics, materials and computer science with a strong design philosophy. This Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering course from University of Leeds will equip you to design, analyse, manufacture and operate aircraft and aerospace vehicles.

29,290 USD/year

Aerospace Engineering
12,580 USD/year, 4

Aerospace Engineering General Engineering & Technology

12,580 USD/year

At Architectural Engineering (Honours)from Auckland University of Technology you willdevelop the skills to engineer for high-quality buildings.

28,400 USD/year

The creation of buildings is a complex operation that requires the skills of many disciplines. TheArchitectural Engineering with a Year in Industry degree fromCardiff University aims to provide you with an in-depth understanding of civil engineering with a specific focus on structural engineering and an appreciation of architecture and building services.

29,852 USD/year

B.Sc. Data Science
7,807 USD/year, 2.5

Data is one of the greatest strengths in the digital age. With the IU International Bachelor Data Science you learn exactly how to deal properly with this strength. In this study programme you will acquire mathematical and statistical knowledge, expertise in different data processing technologies and an overview of different machine learning techniques. A wide range of electives allows you to expand your knowledge in application areas and to be an expert in this field at the end of your studies. With IU, you can study from the comfort of your home, 100% online. IU International - Scholarship Initiative: Save up to 80%! Get your German degree, from one of the largest private universities for online studies in Germany with nearly 70 000 students wordwide—without sacrificing your job or family commitments! Two Degrees, Double the Advantage IU International University of Applied Sciences (IU) has partnered with London South Bank University to give you the chance to have your degree validated by two institutions. When you choose this option, you’ll graduate from IU with both a German degree and a British degree, giving you a major career boost! This opportunity comes with no extra study courses or travelling. CTA - Learn more

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