MAHSA University's Diploma in Dental Technology is a niche programme designed for students who have completed SPM or its equivalent, and are interested in a future as dental technologists working in dental laboratories or clinics. Dental Technologists construct/produce prostheses for the treatment of damaged or maligned teeth, replacement of missing teeth and protection of teeth. During the course of the programme, students will learn the complex skills in designing, constructing, and repairing dental prostheses and appliances such as bridges, crowns, dentures, orthodontic appliances, mouthguards and other dental fixtures. Students will also be taught first-aid, infection control procedures, safety and health standards store management and entrepreneurial skills. At the end of the programme, students graduating as Dental Technologists from MAHSA will be up-to-date in professional knowledge, competent in their skills, ethical and possess good moral values.

5,335 USD/year

With the “holistic patient treatment approach” targeted by our faculty, the expanded educational curriculum that includes “Digital-Aesthetic-Implant Dentistry” applications, which emerged as a result of current technological developments, will be differentiated to other Dentistry Undergraduate Programs. In accordance with this purpose; Bahçeşehir University School of Dental Medicine Program Outcomes were matched with the key Dental Education Core Training Program (DUÇEP -2016 Version 3.0). Students who successfully complete the first two years of the dentistry education program are given the title of “Degree in Basic Dentistry” and the students who complete the five-year faculty of dentistry are given the title of Graduate Diploma in Dentistry”. Graduates of the program; Graduates of the Faculty of Dentistry have the opportunity to work in public or as a free dentist. They can work in all hospitals, oral-dental health centers and polyclinics of the Ministry of Health. They can open their private practice and work as a self-employed physician or by establishing joint polyclinics with their colleagues. They can work as a permanent dentist in private hospitals, oral-dental health centers and polyclinics. They can have academic career in public and private universities. Graduates of the Faculty of Dentistry can do doctorate in science in the field of dentistry and basic medical sciences and can make expertise in dentistry. Graduates who want to practice in Dentistry; According to the results of the Specialization Training Entrance Examination (DUS), which is held once a year by the ÖSYM, they are accepted to the specialist education and they start their specialization trainings in the Faculty of Dentistry of the state and foundation universities or in the Faculty of Dentistry on behalf of the Ministry of Health. Graduates wishing to pursue a doctorate in science; they can apply to clinical dentistry doctoral programs at the faculties of dentistry at state or private universities and to the doctoral programs of basic medical sciences at the medical faculties. Those who are successful as a result of the evaluation will start their Ph.D.

20,000 USD/year

Dental health is an integral part of general health and has great impact on the human body. Dentistry is a noble professional career dedicated to the evaluation, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases, disorders of the region of the oral cavity. The five-year BDS programme offered by AIMST University is a professional course to educate and train students to become world class dental practitioners. The course uses a modern approach to dental education based on the best educational practices in dental schools in Malaysia as well as internationally. The BDS degree at AIMST University will conform to international standards. A highly professional faculty with strong research base, and fully conversant with the needs of students to be a professional workforce, has been handpicked to deliver the BDS programme. The Dental faculty has state-of-the art facilities for patient care and laboratory teaching. Career Opportunity Ministry of Health Dental Services Armed Forces Dental Services Private Dental Practice Specialization in Dentistry University Teaching and Research

18,451 USD/year

This is a five-year undergraduate program leading to the degree of Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS). The study program and curriculum is at par with that of renowned international universities and dental institutes. Program Objectives The DDS program aims to: educate and train a new generation of competent dental surgeons, who will be able to provide high quality comprehensive oral healthcare with emphasis on prevention emphasize on the prevention and early detection of oral and dental diseases as an integral part of the curriculum provide educational experiences for students using a comprehensive patient care model provide community dentistry services that meet world-class standards establish national recognition in term of academia by the concerned authorities and the public. Program Learning Outcomes The DDS program at AU-College of Dentistry is only delivered as a full time program. The College of dentistry offers access to e-learning (MOODLE) as a supplementary tool to its traditional face-to-face pedagogy. The effectiveness of the program is evaluated against the program learning outcomes which have been aligned with the UAE Qualifications Framework (UAEQF) and are consistent with the defined level of the degree. Dds program learning outcomes Knowledge On successful completion of the Doctor of Dental Surgery program, graduates will be able to: Express coherent knowledge, capabilities and limitations of specialization areas in dentistry. Describe the importance of prevention, treatment and management of oral and dental diseases. Use the factual and theoretical knowledge in basic medical and dental sciences and allied sciences to gather information from patient as part of history taking and patient examination in order to decide appropriate investigation and decide a suitable course of treatment within the scope of a general dental practice. Identify the integration and importance of the basic medical and allied sciences such as psychology and behavioral sciences to dentistry. Demonstrate a broad knowledge of the fundamental concepts, theories and principles in research projects and protocols complying with ethical principles. Skill Demonstrate effective technical and analytical skills using evidentiary and procedural based processes to perform appropriate dental procedures independently and safely in a general dental practice setting. Practice promotion of oral health and prevention of related disorders. Demonstrate highly developed communication skills to explain or critique complex and unpredictable matters related to oral health and disease. Demonstrate accurate record keeping and how to source and analyze information relevant to effective clinical practice. Practice ethical, professional and legal responsibilities and display appropriate attitudes and behavior. Evaluate, select and apply appropriate methods of clinical research in relation to oral health and disease. Competence Autonomy and Responsibility Show responsibility and independent technical and clinical decision-making to evaluate and manage complex and unpredictable clinical work appropriate to a primary care practice. Illustrate adherence to current best practice methods in a mature manner. Role in Context Recognize the importance of appropriate leadership roles, manage and take accountability of the team involved in patient care. Demonstrate responsibility and supervise the professional activity and mentoring of allied dental health personnel. Self-development Engage in self-evaluation and professional development apt for general dental practice or towards specific specialization. Value professional ethics, positive criticism and feedback, and engage in a life-long learning. Career Opportunities Graduates of the College will have a wide range of career opportunities to choose from, in addition to continuing higher education (Masters and PhD degrees) in one of the following specialties: Endodontics Periodontics Prosthodontics Operative Dentistry Pediatric Dentistry Orthodontics Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Oral Radiology and Oral Medicine Dental Public Health Implantology Aesthetic Dentistry Oral Pathology Graduates may wish to take advanced courses in Oral Surgery, Implantology and other clinical specialties, or they may choose to work in research facilities. Those who prefer to practice in UAE will be able to do so provided that they pass the UAE Licensing Exams. Graduates are subject to the regulations of the UAE licensing authorities with regard to the type of examination and certification criteria.

24,948 USD/year

The Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) program is offered at RAK College of Dental Sciences (RAKCODS), a constituent college of RAK Medical and Health Sciences University (RAKMHSU), Ras Al Khaimah. This five year program comprises of general education, basic medical & dental sciences, pre-clinical & clinical courses. There are total of 172 credit hours. Preclinical training is provided on patient simulation units and clinical training in RAKCODS dental clinics under the supervision of qualified faculty and staff. The graduates of this program shall have opportunities to work in general practice, the community dental service, hospital practice, university teaching and research in various individual organizations. Program Outcomes Knowledge Skills Competence

25,380 USD/year

The program aims to equip competent dental technologists with strong theoretical and practical knowledge to significantly contribute as a member of the dental health care for planning, designing and fabrication of dental prosthesis that involves the construction of dentures, removable appliances. The basic biomedical sciences within this program will be taught in the school of medicine. The technological training will be carried out in the school of dentistry and dental hospital. The students enrolled in dental technology program will be integrated with undergraduate dental students for few course elements to ensure effective teamwork throughout their learning duration and future endeavours. Career Opportunities Dental technologists have ample opportunities in both the public and private sectors: Ministry of Health Dental Service The Armed Forces Dental Clinics Companies (Industry manufacturing dental prosthetic materials) Private Dental Laboratories University Teaching and Research

11,405 USD/year

Bachelor of Dentistry
13,456 USD/year, 3.5

Since its establishment in the year of 2007, Near East University Faculty of Dentistry has been carrying out its functions effectively at all levels and with the responsibility of being the first and only dentistry faculty of Cyprus that has a strategic location in near east geography. With the excitement and honor of producing its 5th term graduates this year, NEU Faculty of Dentistry continues to offer quality education in English and Turkish beyond the standards set by national and international bodies. A total of 270 dentists and 20 doctoral students have graduated from our faculty so far. NEU Faculty of Dentistry currently offers quality education to a total of 809 students consisting of 45 students enrolled in orthodontics supportive staff associate degree program, 532 students enrolled in undergraduate programs that implemented in Turkish, 188 students enrolled in undergraduate programs that implemented in English, and 44 students enrolled in doctoral programs. Located in the campus, our faculty building houses administrative, educational, and clinical and research units, first diagnostic center that equipped with the latest imaging and monitoring instruments, computer aided 3D modeling lab, sedation unit for problematic patients, clinics offering advanced services for 8 departments and fully equipped operating rooms. Our Faculty with its highly trained staff and high-tech equipped infrastructure and superstructure has already become a dental hub that preferred by patients. Since our faculty is under the coverage of Turkey’s Social Security Institution (SSI), our trainees can conduct more efficient clinical studies in the integrated clinic that has come into service this year in the line with the increasing patient capacity. NEU Faculty of Dentistry, which is a young, dynamic and new generation faculty, provides high quality pre-clinical education on basic medical and dental sciences in the first three years through learning oriented methods in order to equip students with adequate knowledge and skills required to cope with the most complicated dental cases. In the final two years of undergraduate education, students assist the services in clinics under the supervision of specialist staff.

13,456 USD/year

Bachelor of Dentistry
15,000 USD/year, 3.5

Aim 1 To develop dentists who are well educated on research and patient treatment activities in the field of dentistry, equipped with basic medical information, following all kinds of innovation with high level of application skills, focused on life-long learning and self-improvement, adopted ‘’primum non nocere’’ as a principle and ethical values. 2 To train students who treat the diseases and protect general health of certain anatomic areas by integrating practicial knowledge and theoretical knowledge regarding mouth, jaws, teeth, surrounding tissues and faces with persons’s overall health status. 3 To make them aware of the importance of gain an interdisciplinary perspective to strengthen treatment planning skills with evidence based data. 4 To train students in the field of deontology and behavioral sciences to support their outstanding personal and social traits. Objectives 1 To improve students with Current theoretical and practical information in the field of dentistry. 2 To educate future scientists whq are equipped with techniques of Action Research. 3 To improve student evaluation on Quality, reliability and validity of information that they have. 4 To prepare students technology based education and train them as a life-long learner. 5 To develop clinical skills of students with contemporary educational methods to be able to make differential diagnosis, preliminary diagnosis or definitive diagnosis under the light of the medical, oral and dental status of patients with clinical and radiological examination and other diagnostic tests. 6 To provide students interdisciplinary team work based on principles and procedures of medical or dental ethics case consultation for gaining an interdisciplinary perspective. 7 To train dentists who are a modern, international, human oriented educational institution providing high level oral and dental health services to our people.

15,000 USD/year

Bachelor of Dentistry
14,000 USD/year, 4

Antalya Bilim University’s Faculty of Dentistry, established upon the relevant decision of the Higher Education Council and its publication in the Official Gazette dated 24.06.2019 and no. 1157 by the Office of Presidency, is planning to start providing education in the 2020-2021 Academic Year. The undergraduate education in the Faculty of Dentistry consists of 3 years of pre-clinic basic education and 2 years of mainly clinical education. The pre-clinic theoretical education covers basic medical training and vocational theoretical training in the field of dentistry, along with practical lab training. Our faculty has a separate laboratory for each practical course, and these labs offer every kind of technological and physical opportunity required. In mock (phantom) laboratories, each student is provided with a phantom model, ensuring that students have maximum level of practical experience before the clinical training. In their 4th and 5th years, students complete their clinical training in accordance with the internship system of each department and under the leadership of lecturers and teaching assistants in clinics that are equipped with world class technological infrastructure including dental microscopes, rotary systems, Cad/Cam systems etc. By the end of the training, it is intended that all students graduate as well-educated dentists. The Faculty of Dentistry takes its strength from Antalya Bilim University which provides a student-focused education of the highest standards and opens its doors to international students. The department, rapidly achieving the level of an established faculty, places importance on scientific meetings and cultural, artistic and sports events, and both attends and hosts national and international events. Students who graduate from the Faculty of Dentistry can become freelance dentists in private clinics or work in Dental and Oral Health Centers that serve under the Health Department. They can also take the dentistry specialist exam (DUS) and receive specialist training in one of eight departments based on their scores.

14,000 USD/year

Human Medicine Dentistry

12,580 USD/year