Economics BA (Hons)
19,101 USD/year, 3

Our BA (Hons) Economics is a modern and exciting course. It focuses on applying economics to the real world. The practical analysis and problem-solving skills you gain will set you apart from graduates of more traditional Economics degrees. This course is accredited by the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) CIMA accreditation means the course gives you additional awards and/or exemptions towards professional body memberships Live consultancy projects with employers are your chance to solve real problems for real businesses Our Financial Markets Lab allows you to experience the pace and excitement of the trading floor An optional placement year or summer internships are available Opportunities to go on international study trips add an extra dimension to your studies

19,101 USD/year

Bachelor in Economics
17,000 USD/year, 3

The Finance and Economics majors at Webster University Geneva are designed for students who are looking for a personal, rigorous business education that leads to (i) entry-level positions in financial, managerial and administrative areas of companies in the private sector or similar public sector roles, or (ii) entry into graduate and professional schools of business, economics, law and social sciences. Courses are taught by PhD faculty who are highly qualified and renowned experts, many of whom publish articles and books in their respective fields. Following a core set of courses that are common to all business majors (Business Administration, Management, etc), students branch out into their major subjects (see below). Students often pursue internships at the end of their second or third year - a unique opportunity arising from strong ties to the local business community in Geneva. Many of the courses that make up the Finance & Economics majors are taught across the global Webster network of campuses, and all business majors are encouraged to consider a Study Abroad experience. This gives students the opportunity to gain a truly global perspective while advancing toward graduation with their major course requirements.

17,000 USD/year

The Bachelor in Economics and Management is a multidisciplinary degree organised and delivered by the University of Paris, which focuses on modern international business from a variety of key perspectives. The objective of the degree is to provide students with a solid foundation in mathematics and statistics, control of economic quantitative techniques and scientific management methods (human resources and accounting) and marketing in addition to the legal aspects related to the structure and activities of companies on a global scale. For the two first years of the degree, students will focus on the theoretical and statistical tools and improve their basic historical and institutional knowledge of global economics and management. In the third year, students will explore the way in which this scientific knowledge can be applied by taking part in intensive courses such as International Economy, Industrial Economics, the European Economy, Growth and Economic Policies, Analytical Accounting, Marketing and Financial Management. As language forms a major part of this degree programme, foreign languages (including Arabic, English, Spanish, German or Italian) are offered to students as an additional module of study. This programme provides numerous opportunities across a spectrum of industries including the public sector, enterprise services, financial institutions, banks and insurance companies as well as multinational corporations. Career options include positions in International Organisations (e.g. OECD, WTO), economic analysts, market and sales analysts in the private and public sector and financial managers in corporate entities. This degree provides graduates with several options to pursue further academic studies at Sorbonne Abu Dhabi Master in Banking and Finance: Law and Regulations of Banking and Financial Systems, Master in Marketing, Management, Communication, Media, Master in Health Economics, Master in Applied Foreign Languages: Speciality Management and International Business and other overseas institutions.

19,538 USD/year

Bachelor of Economics
3,248 USD/year, 4

The main objective as the chairperson of Economics Department is to educate the students studying in economics Department as the individuals who will be well informeed about the world economics and politics and also as individuals who know the historical developments in the world economics very well. In the course program of Economics Department there are courses as compulsary and elective taking place about the economics and politics of the EU which is realizing one third of world production and trade.The students studying in Economics Department beside economics; they also need to know very well world politics and history.This is the only way for them to be able to graduate as good economists and this will be only chance for them to find a good job in a globalizing and hence in the markets where competition is becoming top. Good knowledge in economics will make the individuals, societies and hence the world richer, so by this way people of the world will be able to live in a world of prosperity.

3,248 USD/year

Bachelor of Economics
12,000 USD/year, 3

Department of Economics offers Undergraduate (B.A) and Graduate (M.A. in Economics, Ph.D. in Economics) programmes. We aim to equip students with analytical means to make sense of economic phenomena and to process them through data, as well as to provide them an enhanced ability of problem-solving and critical thinking. To that end, our curriculum not only consists of mathematics, theoretical economics and statistics, but also encompasses a wide range of topics of interest such as political economics, history of economic thought, development economics, to name a few. Our strategy is to enhance faculty members-student coordination, with an emphasis of consulting outside the class time, in a way for students to come up with their original and independent research project at the undergraduate level. Our curriculum provides potential graduates a wide range of career opportunities. Placements of recent graduates from Department of Economics include public and private sectors−finance, consulting, industry sectors dominating. Graduates who wish to pursue an academic career, are placed in the most prestigious programmes both in Turkey and abroad. All programmes our department offer are taught in English. The faculty members received their Ph.D. degrees from the most outstanding universities specialized in their studies of interest, and demonstrated their prominence in their own fields of interests through publishing in internationally reputable journal. Combined with encouragement of faculty member and student relationship in terms of research as well as availability outside the class time, Department of Economics offers a rich opportunitiy for research for its students.

12,000 USD/year

Bachelor of Economics
6,548 USD/year, 3

The aim of our program is to establish a research and education center with high standards by following innovative economic theory and providing developments in literature to our students. The Department of Economics values international communication with the world’s leading universities. Our target is to give our graduates the ability of understanding and analyzing the contemporary subjects and problems of the Turkish and world economy with the appropriate methods. "It [economics] is a method rather than a doctrine, an apparatus of the mind, a technique of thinking which helps its possessor to draw correct conclusions." John Maynard Keynes The mission of the Department of Economics at TED University is to endow students with modern economic theory as well as the modern analytical and quantitative methods of economics to help them understand the contemporary economic issues in a cause and effect relationship. TED University offers a common core content of one year for FEAS students and allows its students to make their own choice when selecting their major; thereby, giving our students have the advantage of an educated decision to commit to Economics Major. Our curriculum offers a large selection of elective courses and minors. The education philosophy of TEDU featuring a large selection of elective courses, innovative teaching pedagogies, a student centered approach, and a balanced focus on both the depth and extensiveness of knowledge will allow our students to acquire a unique education which will prepare them for their leading roles in their professional lives. Graduates of this programs will be able to Understand economic concepts and principles Understand economic theory and modeling approaches Organize, absorb, build, analyze and evaluate both qualitative and quantitative data Understand the contemporary economic issues in a cause and effect relationship Find the problem, simplify it without losing its relevance, and trace its core ideas while drawing logical conclusions Suggest solutions and policies to real-life problems. Apply quantitative methods and computing techniques across a range of problems Critically apply economic reasoning to policy issues Be knowledgeable in a number of specialized areas of economics Apply analytical and independent thinking "To see the problem as a whole, and not in fragments: that is the goal of economic science" Henry Hazlitt

6,548 USD/year

Bachelor of Economics
8,300 USD/year, 4

Economics is the art of meeting unlimited needs by using limited resources in the most productive and efficient way possible. Macroeconomics deals with the economy in general (e.g. unemployment, inflation, exchange rate market, foreign trade, etc.). Microeconomics deals with the maximization of the smallest economic units (companies, sectors and consumers). Econometrics aims to detect the variables in micro- and macroeconomics, and the relationship between these variables by using statistics, mathematics and econometrics. Econometrics helps us to find answers to the economic questions that arise in today’s world, such as why there is unemployment, how can this problem be solved, why there is inflation, what kind of policies are needed in order to protect the economy against unemployment and inflation and why increases in exchange rates occur. These fields offer numerous opportunities for study. Graduates from the Department of Economics can work in economic research institutions, like the Central Bank, TUIK (Turkish Statistical Institute) and SPK (Capital Market Board). Graduates from the Department of Economics can also find employment in areas that hire business school graduates, such as public accountancy companies, administrative law judgeships, and other public institutions.

8,300 USD/year

Bachelor of Economics
7,900 USD/year, 4

Bahçeşehir University’s Department of Economics offers the following undergraduate and postgraduate programs: Economy Undergraduate Program Financial Economy Graduate Program The Department of Economics conducts the following double-major and minor programs: Political Sciences and International Relations Minor Program Business Administration Minor Program European Union Relations Minor Program Department of Economy conducts research in the field of economics. The subjects of the research mainly includes: Turkish Economy Economic Theory The researches which have been conducted on the Turkish economy mainly consist of gathering data, evaluating and arranging raw data, applying data to econometric analysis, and analyzing the acquired data. The research carried out in the area of economic theory is mainly on these topics: Game theory Microeconomics Industrial organization Macroeconomics Theory of Growth Monetary economy Economic policy History of thought

7,900 USD/year

Bachelor of Economics
6,500 USD/year, 4

Department of Economics students is encouraged to design solutions for the future, by actively applying their accumulated knowledge based on their understanding, evaluation, and analysis of economic events, and their observations of fluctuations in the markets. Our students acquire the skills to be able to analyse national and international economic developments, design future strategies for trading, and implement action plans applicable to the new competitive trends in the world economy that are caused by globalization. Work experience is provided through job shadowing, review, and internship at the companies of Yaşar Holding, as well as participation at international symposiums.

6,500 USD/year

Bachelor of Economics
32,248 USD/year, 3

This renowned professional qualification equips you with analytical and statistical skills you can apply to any business or finance role. Core studies in economic theory and econometric methods will prepare you academically, technically and professionally, and give you a solid grounding in modern economics analysis.You can also specialise in econometrics, economics or financial economics. The knowledge you obtain will enable you to become economically literate and give you an in-depth understanding of local and world economic issues.This is a widely recognised professional qualification that provides a solid grounding in the core areas of economics and econometrics. You will develop a broad range of transferable skills that are relevant across various industries.Students who are passionate about how economic issues impact business organisations and business decisions and are looking for a solid grounding in economics to pursue a career in the public or private sector.

32,248 USD/year