Agricultural Biotechnology at University of Lethbridge examines agriculture and the natural world, emphasizing the relationships between food production, the environment, science and society.

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Agricultural Studies
19,324 USD/year, 4

Agricultural Studies at University of Lethbridge delves into the relationships between the social, economic, political and environmental factors that affect the agricultural sector — from farm level production to international policy.

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15,390 USD/year, 4

Agroecologyfrom University of Manitobaspecializes in the management and conservation of our natural and agricultural resources. Agroecologists develop environmentally friendly weed, insect and disease controls and also help farmers conserve their land and protect Canada’s wildlife and water supply.

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The Department of Nutrition and Dietetics is among the multidisciplinary sciences and is considered as an art in practice. Nutrition, which is considered as science and art, plays a key role in the development of the health of the individual society. Health is considered to be an individual’s complete well-being. Healthy individuals can create healthy societies. The most important environmental factor affecting health is nutrition. Nutrition is important in preventing individual and social health problems such as excessive food consumption(obesity), malnutrition (protein, energy and vitamin deficiencies) . It is carried out by dietitians in the management and control of the individual’s life-long nutrition. Dietetics is a profession that is becoming more and more well known and offers a wide range of job opportunities for graduates. Health services count as the main study areas for dietitians. Offers clinical and outpatient services especially in post and pre operated treatment institutions, disease-specific units (obesity, diabetes, oncology, cardiology, etc.). Dietitians in health organizations are called medical nutrition experts. With the deepening of the scientific infrastructure of nutrition, professional specialization areas have developed as in other professions. The most well known areas are sports nutrition and nutrition in diabetes mellitus. Other business opportunities include education and menu supervision/management (primary and pre-primary schools, nursing homes, hotels and restaurants), promotion and marketing of various food and nutritional supplements, and individual nutrition and counselling center services. The Department of Nutrition and Dietetics within the Faculty of Health Sciences will accept the first students in the 2018-2019 academic year. Graduates of the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics receive the title of ‘dietitian’ .

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Child Training Program prepares special programs for children between the ages of 0-18 with normal development requiring special educational needs. This program gives education to parents about the child's development and training from the prenatal period. Qualified experts with the theoreticallly and practically equipped about child development can consult for services, organizations and institutions.

4,500 USD/year

Our degrees are available in a variety of forms to suit the needs of our Turkish and Foreign Countries’ students. Our graduates are exceptionally employable and find employment within a variety of sectors. Food Science is a fascinating multi-discipliner subject and one that is indispensible in our lives. By studying Food Engineering at Near East University you will get both an understanding of the wonderful subject and also equip yourself with the skills to have a great career ahead of you.

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School of Applied Sciences at Ya?ar University, which provides education at four year undergraduate level, aims to educate graduates who are fully equipped with theoretical and practical curriculum in the highly modern campus and course environments that can meet the needs of time and future in the field of Applied Science. In order to employ qualified personnel in the food and tourism fields, which are the main fields of activity of Ya?ar Holding, the founder of our university, education in the departments of Gastronomy and Culinary Arts and Management Information Systems were started. Other areas will follow them. In this way, close relationships established with the business world, provided internship opportunities and modern vocational training programs will be implemented. As a result of all this, our students will be equipped with the versatile and powerful professional capabilities.

6,500 USD/year

The food and beverage industry which has spread in a wide region and become a giant sector has a big share in the World economy apart from its significant importance in improving, protecting and sustaining community health. The need for a qualified labour force is growing rapidly and this widely generates employment. The aim of the department is to raise chefs who know both Turkish and World cuisines and mediates in introducing our Turkish cuisine and bring forth management candidates in the hospitality sector. Another major aim of the department is to raise expert personnel equipped with the theoretical and applied knowledge and skills in the food & beverage sector to serve in the food & beverage and hospitality industry and can compete in both national and international areas. Accordingly, the graduate program plans to provide the candidates with theoretical and applied training in areas such as international cuisine techniques, Turkish cuisine techniques, food & beverage management, food culture and history, from the most basic to the most advanced level. Apart from the classical cooking techniques and Turkish-Ottoman cuisines, the program is enriched with elective courses such as World cuisines, pastry arts and chocolate making techniques, and management business courses. Bahçeşehir University has a very strong international exchange program that covers our department as well. BAU provides its students with the opportunity to be a “world citizen” with education opportunities abroad. BAU students have the possibility of acquiring an international experience in BAU campuses in the Silicon Valley of United States of America, it's capital Washington DC and Boston, Canada’s biggest town Toronto, German capital Berlin, Italian architectural and artistic centre Rome and Hong Kong, the new trade centre of the world. Our graduates take the advantage of working mainly for kitchen staff or food & beverage units in national and international five-star hotels, kitchen or management sections of restaurants, research and development (R&D) sections of food establishments, training institutions in the food & beverage sector and visual and printed media.

5,530 USD/year

Acıbadem Mehmet Ali Aydınlar University, Department of Nutrition and Dietetics has been accepting students since 2013, with its first graduates in 2017.

8,000 USD/year

Our vision, as Nutrition and Dietetics Department operating in the field of education and training is to: Provide a world-class education that emphasizes theoretical, applied, research and professional competence and ethical values, integrated with the world, globally competitive, constantly developing and updating itself in accordance with lifelong learning, within the framework of respect for universal human rights, personal differences and sustainable life and to create a leading department that educates students who would serve humanity and nature, producing quality research, publications and projects

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