BA (HONS) in English
15,590 USD/year, 4

ACT’s innovative BA in English features concentrations in Language and Literature, and Communication and New Media. The program of studies has been designed to be fresh, modern, and relevant to the academic and professional realities of today. After a shared cluster of common courses in the general area of English, students take courses in their selected concentration, complemented by additional courses from other divisions, to create essentially a unique 40-course undergraduate degree that blends academic knowledge with transferrable skills. The Division of Humanities and Social Sciences provides introductory and advanced instruction in all areas of the human sciences, with undergraduate programs of distinction in English and New Media, Political Science & International Relations and Psychology. Teaching and research strengths within the division include: history, politics, and European integration; communication and media, modern literature, and language teaching methodology; psychology; anthropology; social and cultural studies. In addition, the Division offers a solid liberal arts course basis to all ACT’s academic and professional programs.

15,590 USD/year

The Bachelor of Arts in English with an option in English Education seeks to develop skills applicable not only to all professional disciplines but also to significant tasks of life: the ability to read perceptively, write effectively, and think critically. The degree prepares the student for a career in business, communications media, teaching, and for advanced study in graduate and professional schools. Students may concentrate their programs of study in literature, language and linguistics, or English education. As a first step in meeting the state requirements for a teaching credential, students may prepare for a career in teaching English at the secondary level by completing the Bachelor of Arts in English, English Education Option.

9,504 USD/year

The Bachelor of Arts in Spanish with an option in Language and Literature prepares students who intend to teach Spanish in high schools and students who plan continue their studies in graduate school either in the academic fields of Spanish Linguistics, Romance Linguistics, Spanish Literature and Latin American literature. The Spanish Language has become an important global language and those who hold a degree in Spanish is of invaluable asset in California, across the country and the world. Over 534 million people worldwide speak Spanish as a first and second language. The employment opportunities for Spanish majors continue to grow with both the passage of Proposition 58, which removes restrictions on bilingual education programs for California, and with the Global California 2030 Initiative that calls for the expansion of the teaching and learning of world languages and the number of in more than one language over the next 12 years.

9,504 USD/year

The (Hons) French and Philosophy (with a year abroad) course from University of York has flexibility in terms of how much French and philosophy content you study over the four years. Your skills and understanding of how a language works, how we communicate and how we reason will give you a solid foundation for a huge variety of careers.

24,956 USD/year

Academic English
27,144 USD/year, 0.5

The Academic English Program (AEP) at Edith Cowan College by Edith Cowan University, taught on the ECU Mount Lawley Campus, is offered in 10 week blocks (at all levels) with 9 fixed start dates per year (every 5 weeks).Following completion of the required level, students will not be required to take an English test for entry into ECU (excluding courses where IELTS is compulsory, such as Nursing).

27,144 USD/year

American Studies and English degree provided by University of Sussex will help you better understand the world we live in today.You'll learn from one of the largest groups of experts dedicated to American Studies in the UK. Our faculty’s broad research interests are also reflected in our module options. You can tailor your course according to the areas that interest you. You also have the opportunity to study for a year at a university in North America, building your confidence and expanding your horizons.At Sussex you'll be part of an active student community. Activities include an undergraduate seminar series featuring international speakers. Our graduates have used the skills developed at Sussex to forge successful careers in everything from public relations and marketing to business, research and the civil service.Recent American Studies graduates have started work as:

24,459 USD/year

TheAmerican Studies and Ethnicity (Chicano Latino Studies) BA program offered atUniversity of Southern California is particularly appropriate for students interested in integrating studies in the humanities and social sciences, and for students preparing to work and interact with diverse communities and cultures in the United States and abroad

59,574 USD/year

American Studies and Politics (with a study abroad year) (Hons) degree provided by University of Sussex will help you join a politically engaged community in one of the UK’s most politically diverse cities. During your year abroad, you’ll gain first-hand experience of American culture and politics. We’re proud to have more prestigious American partner institutions – including UC Berkeley and Georgetown – than any other programme in England.Recent American Studies graduates have started work as:

24,459 USD/year

The objective of this bac+3 training is to train future specialized executives. Our students will be experts in international professions and will be able to integrate positions that require mastery of foreign languages (trilingual and quadrilingual). At the end of the Bachelor's degree, our students can, thanks to this multidisciplinary training, enter the job market by applying for a wide range of jobs related to the international market. The LEA license also offers students the possibility to continue their studies by integrating a 5-year bac + 5 training course. The "Applied Foreign Languages for International Business" degree trains over 3 years future trilingual professionals capable of working in France or abroad in the field of international trade. At the end of their bachelor's degree, students will be able to : > Know the rules of international trade and its administrative techniques. > Know the principles and issues of French and international commercial law. > Acquire the bases of an international economic and legal culture. This is a professionalizing training thanks to internships, support for the professional project, and meeting professionals through testimonials. The L.E.A. license offers a wide range of professional expertise. It prepares all these students for foreign language certifications: TOEFL, TOEIC, Cervantes, Cambridge, Goethe Institut... Like an internationally-oriented training program, students will spend a semester abroad (3rd year of the Bachelor's degree). They will be able to take part in an educational trip abroad, and will have access to the international space of the UCO Guingamp.

7,285 USD/year

This Applied Linguistics and English Language - Undergraduate Foundation Programme (UFP) at ONCAMPUS Southampton is designed to prepare international students, who have completed senior secondary education, for entry to undergraduate studies at the University of Southampton.

26,092 USD/year