Bachelor of Pharmacy
12,000 USD/year, 5

A faculty supporting the involvement of competent and qualified pharmacists in all areas and processes involving drugs, Acıbadem Mehmet Ali Aydinlar University Faculty of Pharmacy was opened in 2015 and started to accept students in 2016-2017 academic year.

12,000 USD/year

Bachelor of Pharmacy
4,988 USD/year, 3.5

Pharmacy – as a profession, is one of the most important links in the network of health sciences. It has been one of the most respected professions throughout the history of different cultures. As the Faculty of Pharmacy, our goal is to provide our students with all the necessary means during their five-year academic life to conform to the highest standards of education. Our Faculty members are all nationally and internationally acknowledged. Pharmacy education requires both theoretical education and practical training at the same time. In this respect, our classrooms, together with our research laboratories have been planned and executed along the lines of the contemporary examples, equipped with most recent technological tools and laboratory equipment.

4,988 USD/year

Program Objectives To prepare students for the practice of pharmacy by providing them with the scientific background, clinical and technical skills that they will need to successfully complete their program of study. To provide an educational environment that enables students to acquire the behavior, and moral and ethical attitudes they will need to practice the profession competently and ethically. Career Opportunities The curriculum is designed and continuously improved with the aim of preparing graduates to be able to effectively deliver pharmaceu­tical services in the private sector as well as in governmental agencies. Pharmacy graduates have the opportunity to work in different placements related to pharmacy profession: Community pharmacies Hospital pharmacies Pharmaceutical industry Pharmaceutical scientific laboratories Wholesale drug stores Medical representatives Pharmaceutical administration Food control and analysis Pharmaceutical education and research

17,010 USD/year

The pharmacy profession has been in existence ever since people realized the importance of medicines to improve their health. Pharmacists play an essential role in the provision of quality healthcare, especially by way of dispensing safe and effective medicines. Pharmacy is consistently ranked as one of the most respected and noble professions. It renders service to the society by providing pharmaceutical care practice that provides the basic information necessary to establish, support, deliver, and maintain medication management services, prevention and mitigation of diseases for improving the quality of life. Career Opportunity Clinic Pharmacy Practice Community Pharmacy Governmental Agencies Home Health Care Pharmaceutical Industry Pharmacoeconomics Pharmaceutical Sales Executives Regulatory Pharmacists Nuclear Pharmacists

6,564 USD/year

MAHSA University’s Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons) is a 4-year undergraduate programme for individuals who want to devote themselves to the advancement of health through the dispensation of medicines. Graduates can then take the professional examinations and be qualified as pharmacists in hospitals and medical centres, or choose to go into production, marketing and distribution, research and development, or education. The subjects that will be explored during the course of this programme include anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, microbiology, pharmaceutical research, microbiology, quality use of medicines, cellular physiology, genetics, cytology and histology, chemistry, pharmacy, and integrated patient care. At the end of the programme, students will have procured for themselves the ability to know and differentiate among the myriad medicines and pharmaceutical products in the market, prepare medicines and medications by correctly interpreting physician’s prescriptions, detect therapeutic incompatibilities, monitor and manage the distribution of controlled drugs, and other important duties for which they have to be held accountable.

11,115 USD/year

Located in the Bowshar. The College of Pharmacy offers a 4 year program leading to Bachelor of Pharmacy (B. Pharm). The college has an academic partnership with West Virginia University (USA). The campus includes classrooms with up-to-date facilities, advance laboratories, library, on-campus accommodation, restaurants, recreational areas, WiFi access and general computer laboratories. Over 335 students from 22 countries. Around 84 staff members from across academic departments and administration areas. he Pharmacy Curriculum has significant focus on active student learning strategies enabling the students to be good learners while they pursue their academic program. The modules on model pharmacy, biomedical seminar and gross anatomy laboratory exercises constitute the major stream of its integrated curriculum. The program has a thrust on theoretical concepts for which a rigorous laboratory procedures are prescribed. Components on professional skills, ethics and values along with adequate provision for communication skills are embedded in the curriculum and assessment methods. Bachelor of Pharmacy Program of the College of Pharmacy, National University of Science & Technology comprises 140 credits of coursework, 6 credits of electives and 600 hours of training components. A student has to complete 146 credits of study and 600 hours of training to graduate successfully with a degree Bachelor of Pharmacy.

15,184 USD/year

Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Pharmaceuticals Technology is a 3 years undergraduate degree programme that stands distinctively unique compared to a Bachelor of Pharmacy in the aspects of drug discovery and development and the use of technology to produce results that are required for the global pharmaceutical demands. The objective of this programme is to produce knowledgeable and competent pharmaceutical technologist who can function effectively in work process design in pharmaceutical, cosmeceutical, pharmaceutical biotechnology, veterinary, pharmaceutical microbiology and radiopharmaceutical industries. Graduates will be equipped with the capability of adapting to global changes and current developments. This programme will prepare graduates to seek employment in research laboratories, in drug production, in regulatory services, in quality control and assurance management as well as in the marketing of pharmaceutical and other related products. Mode of delivery of this programme includes lectures and tutorials, problem-based learning (PBL), presentation, computer-aided learning (CAL), laboratory practical and industrial attachments. There will be a final year Industrial research project which students will need to complete before graduation.

6,290 USD/year

Diploma in Pharmacy
4,313 USD/year, 3

Diploma in Pharmacy is a 3-year programme in which students will gain a strong foundation in biological, chemical and pharmaceutical sciences in the first year, before proceeding onto more advanced topics and 2 semesters in hospital pharmacy training. Graduates will be able to gain employment as Pharmacy Assistants in public and private hospitals, health clinics, pharmaceutical laboratories and manufacturing facilities. The graduates may also continue their educational pursuit of a professional degree in pharmacy. The Diploma in Pharmacy programme received its full MQA accreditation in March 2009.

4,313 USD/year

The PhD (Pharmacy) programme is designed to provide students with the opportunities to enhance their knowledge and skills in designing, constructing and conducting original research in the pharmacy related fields. This programme aims to produce motivated leaders with strong research skills to fulfil the manpower needs of the country. Career Opportunities Academia Research & Development Pharmaceutical Industry Drug supply management system Hospital

3,504 USD/year

The Doctor of Philosophy in Pharmacy is an elite, multi-disciplinary postgraduate degree programme tailored for candidates who are looking to go into research, education, consultation, or any other specialisation in Pharmacy. A qualification which creates almost unlimited opportunities in almost any field, MAHSA University’s PhD in Pharmacy is one of the foremost Doctorate programmes and one of the very few advanced degrees in Pharmacy available in the country. Doctor of Philosophy in Pharmacy candidates who graduate from MAHSA will have secured their place among Malaysia’s most elite academicians, the recognition of any reputable institution of higher learning, medical institution, or advanced research facility in the world. They will be ready to prove their worth, and so much more.

24,660 USD/year