This (Hons) Liberal Studies (Political Science) programme atRegent's University London is modelled on the traditional US liberal arts degree. You will major in one subject area, but will also have the opportunity to study a variety of other topics. This flexible structure gives you the freedom to tailor your education to reflect both your personal and professional interests.

25,160 USD/year

This (Hons) Liberal Studies (Political Science) with Integrated Foundation programme atRegent's University London is modelled on the traditional US liberal arts degree. You will major in one subject area, but will also study a variety of other topics.

25,160 USD/year

Anglophone Studies
2,565 USD/year, 3

Do you want to speak English like a native speaker and become an expert in Anglophone countries? Then you are looking for the Anglophone Studies. The instruction is conducted in English language and the study focuses on deepening language skills and also on the cultural and political development of individual countries.

2,565 USD/year

Anthropology and Politics (Hons) from University of Birmingham will enable you to develop a distinctive set of skills and attributes.

26,846 USD/year

Applied Social Sciences
12,580 USD/year, 3

Sociology Political Science

12,580 USD/year

ACT’s prestigious Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Political Science & International Relations features career-track training in international diplomacy, with an internationally oriented pre-law option for American students. The program of studies is particularly strong in American and EU politics, international law and organizations, gender, globalization, and contemporary Balkan and Aegean affairs. ACT's devoted international faculty provides practical and theoretical training for a successful career in a government ministry, an international organization, an NGO, and in the private industry. The Division of Humanities and Social Sciences provides introductory and advanced instruction in all areas of the human sciences, with undergraduate programs of distinction in English and New Media, Political Science & International Relations and Psychology. Teaching and research strengths within the division include: history, politics, and European integration; communication and media, modern literature, and language teaching methodology; psychology; anthropology; social and cultural studies. In addition, the Division offers a solid liberal arts course basis to all ACT’s academic and professional programs.

15,590 USD/year

The Bachelor of Arts in Political Science offers excellent opportunities for the study of government and politics. Students develop an understanding of human behavior as it relates to politics. They learn to discuss and analyze critically current public policy issues facing the United States and the world. They are taught how to critically observe and understand world affairs and comparative politics. They are trained in appropriate research techniques for the study of political processes. Graduates have pursued a broad variety of careers, including teaching, law, law enforcement, public administration, business, journalism, and international service.

9,504 USD/year

The Department aims to develop the conceptual knowledge, skills and experience of students opening horizons of research and exploration to reach the best possible achievement in various fields of international relations. Our Department offers expertise in various regions such as the Middle East, Europe, Central Asia and Africa, and various issues such as security, political economy, international organizations, conflict resolution, peace studies, energy, democracy, third world politics, environmental politics, and migration among others with a young and vibrant faculty. The Department aims to carry out its teaching with distinctive competence in accordance with the objectives and requirements set out by the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences. It intends to be a leading model for all who seek intellectual vitality in a learner-centered and socially responsible academic community in international relations.

3,248 USD/year

Establishment Near East University, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences (Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences) was founded in 1988 as a Business Administration and Computer Informatics. In the following years, he has twelve separate departments: International Relations, Economics, Political Science, Banking and Finance, International Business, European Union Relations, Information and Records Management, Marketing and Human Resources Management, Public Administration, Management Information Systems and Insurance and Actuarial Sciences. With the establishment of fourteen departments, today has been a large faculty serving over 1500 students. Why Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences? Because, elite academic cadres and continuously updated undergraduate and graduate programs provide a contemporary education for our students. Because, multitudinous of departments and the possibility of transfering their credits to other departments from their own, helps our students to specify their real field of interests and increases the variety of employment opportunities. Because, English being the language of instruction increases the chances of our students finding employment in international firms and other organizations. Because, hosting 300 foreign students coming from 13 different nations, provides a chance to our students to get acquainted with and merge with different cultures. Because, the mechanisms we have established for ensuring effective communication between the faculty and students, insures close cooperation with the students and they are able to bring their problems and questions to the attentions of instructors, advisors and faculty administration. Because, social events that are organized by the faculty administration in cooperation with the students, is contributing to the development of social relations and thus creating a home for our students. Because, the support given by the faculty administration to the social and academic activities of student clubs, is contributing to the development of entrepreneurship abilities of our students. Because, facilities provided to the students by the NEU Campus within the colorfull culture and tranquil environment of Cyprus, substantially contr?butes to the development of our students as free and independent individuals.

2,800 USD/year

About the Political Science program We live in a time of rapid changes that have transformed the traditional understanding of societal relations and our interactions with others. Our local, regional, national, and continental environments have changed, and our societies are more open than ever. At the same time, these transformations have caused the rise of movements that oppose or promote deeper changes. This is an exciting period in our history when it comes to political and social transformations: the expansion of democracy, the fight for the survival of authoritarian leaders and governments, the emergence of religious fundamentalism, the proliferation of populist movements, the strengthening of international collaboration and integration, the victory of global capitalism – all of these things are taking place around us, and have a deep impact in our lives. The Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science program at the University of New York in Prague analyses the complex world in which we are living and provides students with the tools and skills they need to understand our societies. The program blends the European and American traditions in Political Science to present a program that looks at current developments, combining a solid theoretical understanding with a practical view of the main challenges faced by our societies. The school of International Relations at UNYP has designed a modern program that includes the study of political institutions, applied economics, international organizations, public policy, and social movements. The aim of the program is to prepare students to critically understand the complexity of 21st-century politics and government. This four-year degree is awarded by the State University of New York, Empire State College. As with all UNYP programs, it is taught entirely in English. UNYP Bachelor of Political Science graduates will acquire the following skills: A thorough understanding of the meaning and practice of politics in contemporary societies; Excellent critical thinking and analytical skills, and an enhanced capacity to understand the complexity of the modern world; A strong understanding of the theoretical framing of political science, and the capacity to understand the political processes currently developing in our world; Excellent oral and written communication skills in English; Proficiency in using software applications and information technology for research; and The ability to work collaboratively in teams and in a multicultural setting. Reasons to study Political Science at UNYP Our graduates have a good foundation for initiating a professional career in their fields or continuing their education with an additional master’s degree. Our alumni feedback shows a high degree of satisfaction with our programs, and students repeatedly indicate that our emphasis on oral and written communication skills, as well as critical analysis training, was instrumental in finding and retaining employment. Our style of teaching is interactive, and our students are challenged to actively participate and contribute to the educational activity of the group with their life experiences and perspectives. Our instructors are very diverse in their origin and have degrees from prestigious universities in the EU and America. Career opportunities for Political Science graduates include politics and government, civil service and public administration, intelligence and security, policy analysis, public affairs consulting, governmental relations, academia and education, diplomacy, NGOs, and PR. American Degree Specifications Degree: Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Science (BS) - upon students´ choice Area of Study: Social Science Major/Concentration: Political Science Prospective Career Opportunities Politics and Government Civil service and public administration Policy Analyst Public Affairs Consultant Governmental Relations Diplomacy and International organizations Non-governmental organizations and sector Interest groups and interest representations Public Relations Academia and education Intelligence or security departments Import and export Journalism Compliance officer Risk analysis

10,960 USD/year