We have launched MyUni.ai our AI tool to help you search and apply to universities worldwide.


MyUniPath provides all the necessary information to help students find and apply to scholarships. While the process may differ when considering individual applications to various universities, on our platform all students who meet entry requirements will be automatically considered for a merit scholarship offer by the respective universities they apply to.

Not all scholarships are merit based. Many universities recognize the various strong points in prospective students and seek diversity in their student body. They offer scholarships that recognize and reward community work, athletic achievement, artistic ability, and overcoming adverse conditions. Students who seek further assistance can also consider applying for financial aid and student loans.

If you are interested in learning more about what scholarships different universities offer with a program that meets your interests and needs, then book an advisory session with one of our highly-qualified advisors.

Start exploring your future with us!


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Chat with MyUni.ai