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American College of Thessaloniki - ACT

Greece - Thessaloniki

ACT, the tertiary division of Anatolia College, is accredited in the United States by NECHE (New England Commission of Higher Education). In addition to ACT having full NECHE accreditation, the undergraduate programs delivered at ACT are also validated by The Open University (OU). ACT has also been granted a license by the Greek government to operate as a private post-secondary educational institution (“College”).

ACT's comprehensive curriculum offers Bachelor degrees in Business with 4 concentrations, Computer Science, Business Computing, Psychology, Political Science & International Relations, and English with 2 concentrations, a Master of Science (MS) in Hospitality and Tourism Management, a Master of Science (MS) in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, and a Master in Business Administration (MBA) with 4 concentrations.

The combined degree programs that ACT runs in collaboration with renowned US & EU educational institutions also offer our students the opportunity to pursue degrees in various additional disciplines that include Hospitality & Tourism, Engineering, etc.

ACT also provides an extensive need and merit-based financial aid program.

ACT has been the school of choice for over 3000 American students, as it holds partnerships with major US institutions. These students, alongside others from across the Balkans, Europe, and the world create a vibrant academic community that brings life to a truly diverse, multicultural environment.


ACT's Mission

ACT provides to a diverse student body, a high quality, tertiary level multidisciplinary, student-centered educational experience in an innovative learning environment. Drawing on the principles of the American liberal Arts educational philosophy we foster depth and breadth of knowledge, grounded on theory, scholarly research, and intellectual freedom. Their faculty members are passionate about teaching, value close relationships with our students and strive to instill in them the desire to pursue academic and professional excellence and personal enrichment.

Paramount to our mission is our institution’s contribution to society by cultivating students’ democratic and civic awareness, enhancing a sense of individual and social responsibility, and creating a spirit of esteem for others, social institutions, and the environment.

ACT's Vision

ACT aspires to be the institution of choice for students seeking the highest levels of personal, intellectual, and professional attainment. We want to be known as the institution that contributes to society and produces well-rounded, principled, and open-minded citizens of the world.

ACT's Core Values

ACT is committed to: 

•  Academic & Professional Excellence

 … offering a transformational learning environment via a rigorous and relevant curriculum where service and experiential learning are essential to acquiring breadth and depth of domain knowledge.

•  Critical Thinking

… in addition to domain mastery, inculcating critical inquiry and reflection for generating and evaluating knowledge.

•  Personal Enrichment

… a dedication to personal development of the whole person by caring for the mind, body, and spirit of the person

•  Respect & Responsibility

… cultivating democratic and civic awareness while enhancing a sense of individual and social responsibility, and creating a spirit of esteem for others, social institutions, and the environment

•  Appreciation of Diversity

…  increasing student’s understanding of the world and embracing the variety of backgrounds and life experiences within our community. Encouraging diversity, open-mindedness, academic freedom, and equal opportunity.

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