Batumi Navigation Teaching University

Georgia - Batumi

The history of Batumi Navigation Teaching University dates back to 1998, from the foundation of “Batumi Maritime College – Seaman School”. In 2007, the University was established at the premises of Seaman School, successful development of which is continued for more than 12 years. The Batumi Navigation Teaching University holds Quality Management International Standard (ISO) Compliance certificate, has a document of recognition of the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) and Maritime Transport Agency of Georgia. BNTU is an authorized and accredited sectoral education center with modern equipment and its own training vessel. There are two faculties in BNTU - Maritime Engineering Faculty and Faculty of Logistics, implementing three vocational, three bachelor, and one master degree programs. BNTU cooperates with 11 crewing and 8 logistics companies. The University has contractual research and educational partners in 18 countries worldwide. Today, BNTU holds a special place in the Georgian educational space. MISSION Batumi Navigation Teaching University is an open social and educational system aimed at: Compliance with international quality standards, integration into the international space and support of socio-economic and cultural development of the region; Provision of equal conditions to receive education in discrimination-free, democratic and fair environment, support of the realization of personal interests and potential, creation of the most preferable conditions for cultural, intellectual and personal development; Training of competitive experts with state-of-the-art knowledge and effective practical skills in Georgia’s and international education and labor markets, formation of motivation of fulfillment of personal, social and civil responsibilities, professional liabilities, observance of ethical standards, sharing of universal values, personal and professional development. VISION BNTU in 2025 – Competitive higher education institution, integrated into international education, industry, and scientific space, meeting international standards, work, and study in which is equally prestigious. At the same time, BNTU is a reliable partner for educational, scientific and field organizations, which has a popular brand recognized in the European educational and industrial field.


Humanism, tolerance, and equality; Liberty of speech, freedom of expression, and decision making; Fairness, transparency, and publicity of decisions; Academic freedom, responsibility and integrity.

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