Beykoz University

Turkey - Istanbul

We aim to become a center of excellence in all our services and a center of happiness, freedom, tolerance, and success for our students and employees. In order to achieve these utmost goals, we have defined:

Our Mission is: “To be a universal university that learns and contributes to learning and to society through learning.”

Our VISION is To build a higher education environment and culture that is integrated with its students, employees, and stakeholders, has prestige in and outside of Turkey and will enable to raise individuals who; are qualified and competent in their professions, have improved research, problem-solving and practice skills, are open to multidisciplinary approaches and able to design and implement original, aesthetic, creative and innovative practices, appreciate learning and never give up on learning and ethical values during their lifetime, think freely and do not abstain from expressing their thoughts, are self-confident and efficient in communication, perceive and exercise quality and excellence as a way of life, respect human life, social and cultural values, have a developed social responsibility awareness and take responsibility for a sustainable future.

Our Core Values and Principles Beykoz University, in the center of all its institutional activities and services, pursue the core values and principles below; Search and contribute to knowledge Academic autonomy, freedom, and responsibility Being student, employee, and stakeholder-oriented Participation and being open to sharing Creativity, innovativeness and entrepreneurship Respect towards human rights and freedom, pluralism and diversity Being international in all areas of engagement Social and societal responsibility Transparency and accountability Continuous learning, improving, advancing and searching for excellence.

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